Furniture Warranty


Congratulations!  You are the proud owner of quality solid wood furniture from Wheaton’s! Now that you’ve made your investment, you may be wondering “How do I keep it looking good for a lifetime?” We want to assure you that with just a little TLC, your furniture will last for generations of use and enjoyment.
Your furniture has been protected with two coats of a pre-catalyzed clear lacquer. This finish provides a barrier of protection against many everyday elements but, it cannot protect against prolonged exposure to extreme temperature conditions and/or unusual abuse. Below are some tips to keep your furniture in the best possible condition.


  • Use protective items such as cork-backed placemats, table pads, trivets, and coasters, when placing glasses, hot objects, lamps, etc. on your furniture surfaces.
  • Lift items placed on your tabletops carefully. Dragging/sliding items over your furniture’s surface can cause topical scratches to the lacquer. Use clear gel or felt pads on all bottoms of your decorative items to avoid scratches to your wood surfaces.
  • Maintain a consistent relative humidity level in your furniture’s environment; Not too high, not too low, and not widely fluctuating. Use a humidifier or air conditioner to keep your humidity level between 30 – 40%. By doing this, you will avoid problems ranging from sticking drawers to warps and splits.


  • Do not put hot liquids or objects directly on your wood surfaces as they will cause a light-whitening of the lacquer.
  • Do not leave your furniture wet, with beads of water standing on the surface as prolonged exposure can cause damage to the finish.
  • Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners on your furniture as they may damage the finish.
  • Do not use furniture care products containing petroleum ingredients or silicone as these products cause a build up that cannot be easily removed unless done professionally.
  • Do not put furniture directly in front, or above a heat source such as radiators, fireplaces or vents, as excessive drying out of the wood can cause the wood to split or crack.

To Clean Your Furniture

Use only a soft damp cloth on your solid wood furniture. Occasional use of Murphy’s oil soap can be used to remove excess grease or wax buildup. If over time you find the finish is lacking some of its original luster and smoothness, you can restore it by using a quality, silicone-free furniture care product. 

Wheaton’s Solid Wood Furniture 3-Year In-Store Warranty

Since wood is an organic raw material, just like fingerprints each board of wood will be diverse in its grain patterns. Mother Nature also determines the number and placement of knots in the wood, and due to these individual characteristics, stains can vary depending on the preparation, and how they adhere to the wood. Wood will also naturally shrink, swell and even exhibit hairline cracks or minor warping. These variations and natural changes are not considered defects under our warranty.

Wheaton’s warrants each of our solid wood furniture products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for 3 years.


Terms & Conditions
Normal Use: Wheaton’s 3 Year In-Store Warranty applies under conditions of normal residential use. It does not cover regular “wear & tear” nor does it apply to defects or damaged caused by (a) abuse, (b) accidents, (c) commercial use, (d) improper finishing of unfinished furniture or (e) improper or inadequate maintenance, not following what has been outlined in the previous section, How to Maintain your Wheaton’s Solid Wood Furniture

This warranty does not cover floor samples or furniture sold “AS IS”, nor does it cover pick-up and delivery fees for warranty work to be performed.

How to claim for warranty
All claims against warranty must be submitted by email and supported by pictures as to the defect.  Please send your claim to and include your name & contact information. All claims are responded to within 24-72 hours.