Birdhouse Sweetheart Cottage White

Birdhouse Sweetheart Cottage White

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You and your backyard buddies are sure to fall in love with this adorable Sweetheart Cottage Birdhouse. This charming little home for feathered friends features all-wood construction and is painted bright white with yellow and green accents.

Window boxes filled with pink flowers flank the front door, and the heart-shaped entrance above the door is as delightful as it is functional. The birdhouse is constructed with adequate ventilation and drainage, a pine-shingled roof and a back wall that removes for easy cleaning.

The 1¼" entry hole is perfect for small cavity dwelling birds like wrens, finches, chickadees and titmice. A simple paddle on the back facilitates easy hanging outdoors...if you don't choose to keep it as an inside decoration!

  • Wooden cottage-style birdhouse
  • Dual window boxes and a heart-shaped opening
  • Cheerful white with yellow and green accents
  • Back removes for easy cleaning
  • Simple paddle for hanging
  • 1¼" opening is perfect for smaller songbirds
  • Makes a wonderful decorative accent indoors too


6¼"L x 8¾"W x 7½"H