Adelaide Sofa

This classic tuxedo style lends itself to a more formal setting. With a sophisticated chrome base and tufting and buttons along the seat, arms and back, this sofa creates a look that is polished and refined.  Also available in loveseat size.


Carolyn Apartment Sofa starting at


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Connor Sofa

The Connor sofa features plush, comfortable cushions, wood legs, and timeless design. This classic style is also available in multiple sizes and sectional configurations, including the unique and cozy cuddler.


Daniela Sofa starting at



Eden Sofa

Our Eden sofa brings classic aesthetic and traditional details to our collection. With nailheads running along the arms and a sleek angular design, this piece is perfect for a refined, formal space.  L78"xD36"xH35"


Emery Sofa starting at

The Emery is our most adaptable style, with an endless number of configurations that can be added onto endlessly. Its classic three over three construction, ergonomic frame, and top stitch detail make it a reliable staple of our collection. Available in a sectional, sofa, and chair.  L 85" x D 37" x H 35"


Jonas Sofa starting at

Adapted from our popular Josh style, the Jonas features the same modern proportions and retro button tufting, with a more adaptable wood leg option. The apartment flip chaise is perfect for small spaces as it has the look of a sectional with a reversible chaise for quick layout changes.  L 88" x D 37" x H 33"


Joseph Sofa Starting at

The Joseph is a pared-down interpretation of our popular Josh sofa, featuring the same modern proportions without button tufting and with wood legs instead of a chrome base. This comfortable and adaptable style will fit any décor style. L 88" x D 37" x H 33"


Josh Sofa Starting at

One of our most popular styles, the Josh is a throwback to mid-century modern with its button-tufted cushions, low proportions, and chrome base.  L 88" x D 37" x H 33"


Kara Sofa Starting at

A classic favorite, our Kara sofa features sloped, rolled arms. Paired with its diamond tufted back, these details make this sofa a go-to piece if you’re looking for a traditional style. L 85" x D 32" x H 31"


Madison Sofa Starting at

The Madison is designed with block wood legs, welt detail, and a tight back for a sleek, contemporary feel. Available in several configurations including sectional, sofa, chair, and pullout bed. L 82" x D 35" x H 33"


Manhattan Sofa Starting at

The Manhattan sofa brings a minimalist edge to our collection. Its low profile and same-level arms and back give this style a contemporary downtown feel. Pair it with our Louis chair to create a sophisticated masculine look. L 88" x D 35" x H 27"


Maxwell Sofa Starting at

Maxwell is a classic three over three sofa with optional nail head detail. The turned wood leg and rolled arms give this piece a traditional feel. Also available in a sectional. L 82" x D 37" x H 27"


Mercer Sofa starting at


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Paige Sofa Starting at

With its clean design and sophisticated feel, the Paige sofa is a great choice for your contemporary space. The Paige style features tall cone wood legs, and is also offered in a sectional configuration.  L 78" x D 37" x H 34"


Richmond Sofa Starting at

The Richmond sofa is a modification of our Adelaide style. Richmond is the same tuxedo sofa we love, but this time with a wood leg for a more casual look.  L 87" x D 35" x H 30"


Riley Sofa Starting at

A modern interpretation on a traditional classic, the Riley sofa features a rolled arm and skirted base. Its updated proportions make it a perfect choice for a fresh cottage look. L 86" x D 36" x H 35"