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Build your Dream furniture!

Wheaton's is committed to producing only the finest quality solid wood furniture, and providing excellent value for our customers. Wheaton's wood furniture is produced in our own production facility located in Berwick, NS. Solid hardwood chairs built in Canada complete our furniture collection.


We work with you to build the furniture of your dreams.  We offer your choice of style, size, stain, paint and knob/handle options.  Made from solid hard wood, your dream furniture will last a life time.


Wheaton's Furniture is a timeless piece!

Buying furniture is an important decision that requires a lot of consideration. Simply knowing your own tastes can be hard enough, but knowing what your furniture is made of should be an important step in your buying process.  

Solid wood remains a symbol of quality and craftsmanship in furniture manufacturing. The advantages are undeniable.


Durability - Wood Furniture is extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance. Signs of wear can usually be sanded away, or left as a mark of time.


Timeless Design - Most solid wood designs strive to combine both a timeless beauty and a focus on practicality, allowing them a place in your home for many years to come. Imagine being able to proudly pass your furniture on to future generations.


Value  - Wood's natural grain guarantees that each piece of furniture is one of a kind. Because of it's durable construction, only simple refinishing allows solid wood furniture a second, third or fourth life without having to be replacing over and over again. Be sure to ask about lifetime warranty when you're shopping for a new dining set or bedroom suite.


At Wheaton's, we manufacture solid wood furniture that is durable and attractive.  Although we use modern machinery and finishing techniques, over 20 skilled craftsmen build, finish, and deliver our furniture with the same attention to detail as those talented artisans did years ago.



Watch how our furniture is built.