Wheaton's Mission Bed

Available in twin.  Pieces can be sold separately, see store for details.

King Headboard: W81" x H50"

King Footboard: W81" x H30"

Queen Headboard: W65" x H50"

Queen Footboard: W65" x H30"

Double Headboard: W54" xH50"

Double Footboard: W54" x H30"

Twin Headboard: W46" x H50"

Twin Footboard: W46" x H30"

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In store use only:

Rail End M Double                                            2020S                   
Rail End M King                                              2022S                   
Rail End M Queen                                             2021S                   
Rail End M Twin                                              2019S                   
Rail End O Double                                            2016S                   
Rail End O King                                              2018S                   
Rail End O Queen                                             2017S                   
Rail End O Twin                                              2015S                   
Rail Side M Queen/King                                       1935S                   
Rail Side M Twin/Double                                      1934S                   
Rail Side O Queen/King                                       1933S                   
Rail Side O Twin/Double                                      1932S